Not Quite a Monday Morning Quarterback

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, but I observed the Superb Owl. Some highlights from my day:

I was sick. As I’d been around sick students all week, I wasn’t surprised. Given the state of our local hospital and general flu advice, I stayed home with some stuff from the drugstore and home remedies.

I made this arugula and pepper jack cheese omelette:

Smokey lay on my lap all day. Seriously, all day.

I had a great interaction with the person who runs the MoonPie twitter account.

I also had several literary conversations on Twitter, both recommending books and receiving suggestions in return.

One thought on “Not Quite a Monday Morning Quarterback

  1. This is the time of year teachers’ resistance beaks down and they get sick – really really sick – not faking even if it is the day after Super Bowl!
    Take care of yourself and feel better soon
    (Oh, my cat was sick too….snuck in and ate too much grilled salmon and a couple of shrimp…we keep telling her her system can’t take that any more at her age….she just groaned “But it was Supper Bowl! Everyone was into it.”

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