Saturday Morning Coffee

Come on in! I just finished my morning run and sat down to a light breakfast. As always, the coffee’s hot and fresh.

This week I added more than a few books to my reading list. I already told you about a couple of them on Tuesday, but after writing that post I received yet another book in the mail:

Huzzah for free books!

We continue to fight the fleas in the house. Their numbers diminish daily but we grow weary.

I finished the first week of my 22-week training schedule for the Outer Banks Marathon in November. For the first time I’m cross training with a recumbent bike. Now, I can’t really ride a bike that well, so I haven’t exactly been using those muscles lately. You can bet my body’s letting me know it’s not entirely happy. But I’m happy, and that’s the main thing.

My cosplay continues to come together. You can check it out on my Instagram feed.

I’ve also been dealing with some mental stuff regarding American politics. But perhaps I should save that for another post.

What have you been up to this week?

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. Hello Jay. It’s always interesting to read about the books you are finding. I am wishing you luck for the cycling. I think the most exciting thing about cycling in comparison to running is that you can manage to reach destinations in a greater distance. So that means, you get to see new places. Do you like cycling aside from the muscle aches it might still give you for a few days more?

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    1. My biking skills are very poor as I haven’t bikes since high school almost 16 years ago. I’m using a stationery bike in a gym. I like it because I can pedal and read at the same time 🙂

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      1. I would have never considered reading in the gym. I usually am taking to listening to music while doing sports of any sorts. But the idea doesn’t even sound that bad though.
        Isn’t the moving distracting you from your reading?

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        1. No, I take the first few minutes to get my rhythm and then all I have to do is remember to keep pedaling! When it’s raining I use the treadmill, and for that I’ll use my music or something

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          1. That could be one of those things that are as easy as breathing and walking at the same time if you actually are getting the hang of it. I tried it two days ago and found out that it is not something I would keep doing though – I like to enjoy any book the most I can. And a cup of coffee absolutely belongs to the sound of a page being turned over.

            Right now, the reading of blog pages is being replaced by the sound of rain coming through my open window.
            May the steam of coffee engulf you! ( That Star Wars pun was really bad but I just had to – sorry )

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