Comfort Food

Pierogi, Kielbasa, Cabbage & Onions

Saturday Morning Coffee

Honestly nothing much happened this week. I was/am sick. So maybe you want to shout through the door?

Just tell me what you’ve been up to and we’ll call it good.

Teaser Tuesday: Fault Lines

Like circling a parking lot looking for a good space, the Wheel of Time has turned ’round to Teaser Tuesday. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Fault Lines”

Contingent is Coming

All for history, and history for all! Continue reading “Contingent is Coming”

Bob’s Burgers Review: The Skip Marooch

It’s Sunday morning, and that can only mean one thing: last night, I made and ate a hamburger. Specifically, a burger featured on the hit series, Bob’s Burgers.

Continue reading “Bob’s Burgers Review: The Skip Marooch”

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s a rainy Saturday morning, but it’s a long weekend and there’ll be rugby later on. Come on in and talk for a bit.

Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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