Saturday Morning Coffee

Let catch up over a strong hot cup of coffee

Last weekend my parents came to visit for a few days. I enjoyed cooking for them and they enjoyed eating my cooking. I even made this delicious cornbread tamale pie (Thanks, Suzi!):

I’d say things were relatively uneventful, but one night the air mattress sprung a leak and deflated at 2am. That was interesting!

We did some shopping and I found some big band/swing records at the thrift store. It was fun listening to them with my folks; it really took my dad back to his childhood.

Summer has ended at least as far as school goes, but the weather continues to be hot. Not everyone can wait for the change, as my dad discovered outside the farmer’s market:

One highlight of their visit was getting to sign a stack of my books!

Added bonus: that’s Mr Tom’s kitchen table where I first heard many of the stories and where I wrote the majority of the book. 😭

At some point I couldn’t find my chip clips, so I improvised:

While leaving school one day, I saw this turtle:

Krystal also found me an amazing shirt this week. I love it so much I wore it about five minutes after leaving the store!

As for running, this week I’ve been getting back into the routine. Today was interesting as my GPS glitched and a flock of geese interrupted my route:

That picture shows about a third of the total flock!

What have you been up to?


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