Not a PR but Still A Win

Today did not go as planned.

Back in 2011, I was involved in a car accident that should have killed me. To overcome depression, I started running.

As a side effect of that accident, I live in near-constant back pain. Foam rolling helps keep it under control, but every once in a while it flairs up to the point I can hardly move.

During the race today, between mile 20 and 21, my back spasmed. I alternated running and walking, but came to the realization I would have to walk the remaining five miles and miss setting a PR.

It was just then that my wife Krystal and brother Charlie started sending me encouraging texts to keep going.

Despite walking the last five (point two) miles, I still came within 12 minutes of my PR. I must have been *booking* it!

Though not the outcome I wanted, this is still a win. And the historic record is now

Pheidippides: 0

Me: 5

Though to be fair, I didn’t run a marathon after fighting a battle and then running the hills of Greece in Athenian armor.

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