Coronavirus Quarantine Day 16

I hope you haven’t been worrying about me. Everything’s fine.

I’ve just been really busy conducting “online” classes and being available when students need help.

Some of them have been thrown into difficult situations, so I find myself giving help when it’s asked regardless of the time.

The marquee at school

I found myself burning out in the middle of last week and I realized I hadn’t really stopped moving/working in almost two weeks.

So I started scheduling breaks where I go out and walk at least a half mile every couple of hours.

That’s helped.

I’ve also been cooking. So far, Krystal enjoyed my pizza the most:

homemade pizza was a success

I was so gifted some books from Malalrops in Asheville to read during my time in exile:

I can’t express my gratitude for these books

Inspired by that generosity, I’m running a few giveaways for my own book on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Winners will be chosen at 5pm NY time today!

Also available on Amazon

I’ve seen lots of good memes this week, but this one may be my favorite:

I also had some fun with TikTok.

How have you been doing?

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