Everyone Has That Point

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging for over a month.

But I suppose everyone has that point, you know? Society has been different since March, and while I’m doing okay, somewhere about May 15 or so I just . . . stopped caring.

I suppose I’ve just been existing, each day blending into the next.

I stopped reading, I stopped running. My brain just refused to do anything other than basic necessities.

That’s not to say good things haven’t been happening, and it’s definitely not to say I’ve been depressed. I’ve only had one really recognizably bad day, and then I felt super sad – on the verge of tears for no reason.

I’ve continued cooking, and it’s been good. Burgers and rice and pancakes and salmon and pizza and sloppy joes.

I did some cosplay with Krystal, dressing up as Discworld and Coraline characters.

I’ve made new friends, but had to lose some old ones over politics and ethics and morality.

I finally got a haircut!

I’m working full time this summer.

And, I’ve also been continuing to support artist. I’m pleased to present you with an updated Eldred family crest, designed by Bryan Covington of ModernGoldfish!

8 thoughts on “Everyone Has That Point

  1. These days are crazy, Jay. I have a different variation of what you describe, plus dealing with my new laptop and aspects of my smart phone that I haven’t felt necessary to include in my repertoire. I am stressed out by tech challenges. I am depressed and feel like crying many mornings but usually come out of it by noon. Hang in there. Good haircut and delicious looking food.

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  2. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and this really struck a chord with me – I run a lot normally but have struggled to lately even though I have so much more time, just because I find the whole Covid/lockdown etc situation so hard and lonely. I think I’ve turned a bit of a corner this week and managed 4 miles today, largely thanks to some good music to run along to.

    Which Discworld character are you? It’s bugging me, as a huge fan, that I don’t recognize it!

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