On the Road Again

Hello, all you beautiful people, you. 

Things have been continuing apace here in my little corner of the world. So many times I’ve opened a blog post, stared at the blank page, and then closed it. So much for wanting to write more. 

But like running, I suppose the only way to do it is to do it. 

I wonder why I haven’t. 

I think some of it has to do with life changes. I’ve talked off and on about changes I’ve made over the past year; in fact, a year ago June 2 I began the temp job that led to my current full-time job.

Changing jobs lowered my stress levels. I found that I didn’t need the caffeine, didn’t need the running . . . and maybe didn’t need to write. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I was a ball of stress and anxiety held together by caffeine and sarcasm. And with a lowering of my stress and anxiety I found myself not needing my normal outs.

I had to force myself back into running, and I found that it took a bit to enjoy it again. 

I’ve cut back on my caffeine, but I still drink at least two cups a day. That’s still better than the pot or two I was consuming . . . 

And as I fell into a new routine, somehow writing here fell by the wayside. 

So, just like it took me a while to get back into running, I’m going to have to work at getting back into writing here. 

It might be slow and awkward and painful (in a way), but it’ll be here. I’ll be here. I’ve already got two blog post ideas, so let’s see how they go. 

Oh, and if you’re in the United States, have a safe and happy Pride!

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