It Smells Like Victory

Mad Labs Studios created a custom fragrance for my level 20 d&d character: a Harengon Artificer named Garrett. Here’s my review:

Incorporating notes of musk, ink, metal, gunpowder, and bergamot, this scent is subtle, intriguing, and equal parts understated and sophisticated.

The first thing I notice is the warm and sensual musk, which to me creates a rich and inviting base evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity and establishing a strong foundation for the rest of the fragrance.

Then, a subtle yet noticeable hint of ink develops, and the soft and delicate note adds intellectual and artistic touches to the perfume.

Next, metal and gunpowder combine to give an edginess and complexity while also balancing well with the musk and ink. Individually, the metal hints at industrial chic, while the gunpowder brings a sense of intrigue and mystery.

Finally, bergamot balances the combined intensity of the musk, ink, metal, and gunpowder with a bright and citrusy scent, adding a refreshing and uplifting quality to the perfume – a touch of optimism and positivity that cannot help but to lighten the mood.

To summarize, this fragrance is an olfactory representation of the craftsmanship and artistry of the Harengonian artificers of the Feywild, with its blend of musk, ink, metal, gunpowder, and bergamot creating a harmonious and well-balanced composition.

Read Garrett’s story online!

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