Someone’s Got To Remember

Thoughts on the Eightieth Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

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A Visit from Saint Nicholas [2021]

In many traditions, today is the Feast of St. Nicholas.

That means it’s once again time to link to this post.

The Other Thing We Aren’t Supposed to Talk About at Dinner

They say that, in polite conversation, one shouldn’t talk about religion or politics. Over the past few years, I’ve talked about politics. Whatever made me think a July Fourth Sunday was a good day to talk about religion?

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Good Monday

Some things can’t wait to be shared!

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Shrove Monday, 1583

OTD in history, (Feb 24, 1583) John Eldred departs London on the Tiger, bound for Aleppo, Syria. Returning in 1588 on the Hercules with a wealth of riches, particularly in nutmeg, his journals would inspire Shakespeare to write “her husband’s to Aleppo gone, master o’ the Tiger”.

I am his direct descendant.

He is the subject of my next book.

John Eldred’s bust in Greater Saxham
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Incidentally, Feb 24, 1583, was Shrove Monday, too.

I would not think to touch the sky.

I’m prepping for the next series of Core Curriculum.

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