A Fresh Coat of Paint Won’t Cover Old Wounds

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and so having the day off, I’m doing some writing. This means you get a blog post today!

I’ll also be trying to update my character entries for the TTRPGs I’m in, but that may be a tall order for today.

This past weekend I opened the windows, spread out a dropcloth, and tackled another small project: bringing a fresh look to rather dated cabinet. I’d been looking for some sort of shelving for several weeks, but the stuff in my price range seemed small and the stuff that I liked was well outside my budget – like the $150 mahogany end table. I did see something that would work at a local thrift store, but the price tag was outrageous. However, the next day I went back with Krystal, and it was marked down over 50%! So, after struggling just a little bit, we got it home. Throughout the week I picked up supplies: sandpaper and Killz and new paint. And then on Saturday I got to work.

The new color is called “ancient marble”
A puck light gives some ambiance

I like how it turned out!

I’ve also been working with the AI art generator app I found, and got some interesting results:

Of course, the news this week has overshadowed everything. I don’t know what I could say that hasn’t already been said by others. I used to be a 2A absolutist, but that changed after Sandy Hook. And while I’m not in the “abolish all guns completely” camp, I am advocating for much greater restrictions on the type of weapons available to both the general public and the police (the militarization of the police is another hot-button issue I have thoughts about!) and the restrictions that should be placed on firearms in the United States. I know see all too well that as a society we in the US have generally failed to accept the collective responsibility that comes with the right to own such weapons. This will not make me popular with certain of my friends and family, but so be it.

Of course, this also means that today I’m seeing pictures of graveyards and cemeteries and funerals and pictures old and new of service members who died because the government sent them into conflict. “They died for your freedom” comes the refrain (sometimes in conjunction with an exhortation to respect the National Anthem, give deference to the flag, and worship god). And while I understand the sentiment, I also hope that those that post such things ask if we’re doing our part to make sure their sacrifice wasn’t in vain. Not just in some nebulous “defending freedom” mantra, but in helping our country live up to the ideals it has failed to achieve.

As I type this, I realize how much about me has changed in the last decade or so. Past me wouldn’t recognize who I am today, but would also be so proud of the progress I’ve made. Like many personal changes, I haven’t always advertised my change in stance, and I’m coming to realize that there’s only so much one can change before others start to notice. I really don’t want interpersonal conflict, but there comes a point that folks will either have to accept the change or not – and I have to remember their reaction is out of my control. I’m just responsible for me.

Aww usual, I’ve a poem to share for Memorial Day:

At the Movies


They swing across the screen in brave array,

      Long British columns grinding the dark grass.

Twelve months ago they marched into the grey

      Of battle; yet again behold them pass!

One lifts his dusty cap; his hair is bright;

      I meet his eyes, eager and young and bold.

The picture quivers into ghostly white;

Then I remember, and my heart grows cold!

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