Saturday Morning Coffee

Good Morning, Friends! Come on in and we’ll chat. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”


Saturday Morning Coffee: Focus on the Good

Happy Saturday, my friend! We survived another week; why not sit and chat a while? Let’s relax and unwind. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: Focus on the Good”

Saturday Morning Coffee: I Like to Move It Move It

Thanks for stopping by this morning. Seeing you is just what I needed. Fancy a cup of coffee? Come on in and sit a while. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: I Like to Move It Move It”

Another Snow Day

The 5th one this year for a town that rarely has one. Continue reading “Another Snow Day”

Nine Years

Today is our anniversary. Here we are then:

And here we are now:

Saturday Morning Coffee

Thanks for stopping by! However did you manage in all this ice and snow? Well, that’s beside the point. The coffee’s nice and hot and I’m ready to chat.  Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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