Coronavirus Quarantine: Day 48

This week went by in a flash.

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Coronavirus Quarantine: Day 39

Last week was rough.

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Life Imitating Art

I give you Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid”

Lunchtime Archaeology 

“Tin-rannosaurus Rex”

tin foil and sticky tack 

Teaser Tuesday: Henri Matisse: Rooms with a View

Like the cycling of thousands of heating and a/c units in the South during winter, the Wheel of Time has spun ’round to Teaser Tuesday. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Henri Matisse: Rooms with a View”

Manifesto 1.2

Art Music Life 1I built a memory palace before I knew the definition of one. Thanks, Sherlock.

Technically, it’s a memory library. Shocker, I know.

Floor-to-ceiling built-in mahogany bookshelves accessible via rolling ladder

Every book bound in leather

Antique lamps (with modern bulbs – don’t want a fire, after all)

The pièce de résistance: the lobby (or foyer, if you’re feeling fancy)

The School of Athens overlooks a massive wood-and-brass card catalog flanked by Venus de Milo and Winged Victory

Memory Library Card Catalogue
It’s better in real life, but you get the idea.

My library is slightly different than other libraries.

At least, it’s different from other libraries I’ve visited.

Art adorns the walls: Raphael and Dürer.

Knight-Death-and-the-DevilMusic fills the air: Wagner and Vitamin String Quartet.

Although not everyone can build a mind palace, everyone can – no, everyone should have some form of art or music in their lives.

Let’s face it: between work and most television there’s simply too much noise in the world.

I’ve already told you that I judge people by their books. The second thing I generally notice is their taste in art and music – or their lack thereof.

Most people listen to some form of music, even if it is Pop Top 40. I suppose there’s nothing necessarily bad about that, but neither is it best. At some point, everything starts sounding the same. If you’re addicted to “modern” music, try listening to Vitamin String Quartet, Piano Guys, or some other similar group that plays contemporary music in a classical style (and minus those annoying and mostly unintelligible lyrics!).

However, people exist who don’t listen to anything. They watch sitcoms, dramas, sports, and pundits and never take the time to just listen to something. I would; music “soothes the savage beast,” after all.

Take a trip through Eastern Europe via The Moldau:

Save the damsel in distress with The Magic Flute:

Let Rhapsody in Blue transport you back to the Jazz Age:

You know what?

Just listen to the songs in Roger Kamien’s Appreciation of Music.

I’m certain you’ll find something you like.

Then, turn on something like Pandora or Spotify and lose yourself in the magic of music mixed with modern technology.

Art, though, is a bit more subjective. I understand not everyone likes Renaissance Masters. Some people like Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, and Chuck Close. I do not.

My heart breaks, though, for those that have no art – not even the dollar-store white-elephant-gift variety. In this, there’s something to be said for coffee-table books. I know: most people just leave them on a table or shelf just to look good. But please – for the love of all that is good – pick one up. I don’t care if its about art or muscle cars or coffee tables themselves. Pick up a book.

coffee-table-bookLook at the book.

Gain inspiration from the book.

At least, simply enjoy the things you enjoy.


Art Music Life 1

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