Sunday Afternoon Honey Tea

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon. Let’s warm ourselves with a hot drink and chat about life. Continue reading “Sunday Afternoon Honey Tea”

For the Love Of Pie

Saturday I told you about the pies I made to help raise money for our school. This morning, I heard from several students, and apparently my pie has caused a certain degree of discord. Continue reading “For the Love Of Pie”

Bob’s Burgers Review: Totally Radish Burger

It’s Sunday Morning, and that can only mean one thing: last night, I ate a hamburger. Specifically, a burger featured on the hit series Bob’s BurgersContinue reading “Bob’s Burgers Review: Totally Radish Burger”

Weekend Review: Colonial Market Days

I don’t usually talk about weekends because, honestly, not much happens. I do yard work. I read. We go to church on Sunday. But, every once in a while, something happens that I just can’t not write about (congratulations if you followed that double negative!).  Continue reading “Weekend Review: Colonial Market Days”

This was left in the cafeteria:

A Look Back at Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and somehow I neglected that fact on Saturday. But, what better way to start a Monday and a new week of school than looking back on some good things that happened last week? Continue reading “A Look Back at Teacher Appreciation Week 2017”

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