For the Love Of Pie

Saturday I told you about the pies I made to help raise money for our school. This morning, I heard from several students, and apparently my pie has caused a certain degree of discord.

Family 1

My dad wants more of your pie. He had one piece and then threatened the rest of us that he’d stab us with his fork if we tried to take the rest from him. We came to hard fought compromise, but he ate most of it.

Family 2

There was only one piece left by Saturday morning. (Recall they took it home late Friday night!) My brother came home from the military and ate it, and when he found out we couldn’t go and buy more right then he almost broke down. He’s in elite training, and said this pie could be used for good or evil, depending on whose wields it.

Question: does this make me a home-wrecking terrorist?

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