Creativity in the Time of Covid

I was thinking the other day how I haven’t written much on the blog since Fall 2020, and thought that the pandemic had really ruined my creativity. But then I realized I was wrong: the last two years didn’t lessen my creativity: they redirected it.

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Wicked Word Wednesday: Pounce

I want to go south, where there is no autumn, where the cold doesn’t crouch over one like a snow-leopard waiting to pounce. The heart of the North is dead, and the fingers of cold are corpse fingers. – D.H. Lawrence

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The Veteran

Every year I share a poem for Veteran’s Day, usually something from World War I. This year, I’ve attempted my own. Continue reading “The Veteran”

Minor, Reaching Majority

This week’s limerick was inspired by a photo prompt, meaning it was open-ended. This is both freeing and terrifying. Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading “Minor, Reaching Majority”

Vagabond Aflame

🎶 Agony, misery, woe not to know what you miss 🎶 Continue reading “Vagabond Aflame”

Twisted Fairytale (A Limerick)

Who doesn’t love a good fairytale, right?

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