Wicked Word Wednesday: Pounce

I want to go south, where there is no autumn, where the cold doesn’t crouch over one like a snow-leopard waiting to pounce. The heart of the North is dead, and the fingers of cold are corpse fingers. – D.H. Lawrence

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The Veteran

Every year I share a poem for Veteran’s Day, usually something from World War I. This year, I’ve attempted my own. Continue reading “The Veteran”

Minor, Reaching Majority

This week’s limerick was inspired by a photo prompt, meaning it was open-ended. This is both freeing and terrifying. Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading “Minor, Reaching Majority”

Vagabond Aflame

🎶 Agony, misery, woe not to know what you miss 🎶 Continue reading “Vagabond Aflame”

Twisted Fairytale (A Limerick)

Who doesn’t love a good fairytale, right?

For a given definition of “good”. Continue reading “Twisted Fairytale (A Limerick)”

Whatever Happened to the Prompt Box?

Despite my own enthusiasm, some projects just fall by the wayside.

Time to bring one of them back. Continue reading “Whatever Happened to the Prompt Box?”

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