Creativity in the Time of Covid

I was thinking the other day how I haven’t written much on the blog since Fall 2020, and thought that the pandemic had really ruined my creativity. But then I realized I was wrong: the last two years didn’t lessen my creativity: they redirected it.

Before April 2020, this blog was may main vehicle for getting out the thoughts in my head. But that month was was month I started playing Dungeons and Dragons. Now, I’m not saying the game has taken all of my time; it hasn’t. But it has really stretched my imagination.

In the last two years I’ve created three original characters for D&D, three original characters for World of Darkness, and an original character each for Call of Cthulhu and Cyberpunk: Red.

A quick recap for those wondering:

Bryn, my original D&D character, died – murdered in her sleep. Leaf, a character made for a one-shot, is still alive but imprisoned. Garrett, my current D&D character, is a Rabbitfolk artificer who makes really powerful weaponry and may or may not be on the path to becoming a hero deity.

Brynwick Nibnibbler, Gnome Cleric (formerly)
Garrett Sieger, Rabbitfolk Artificer

Seamus, my original World of Darkness character, is currently voluntarily in Lucifer’s Cage. I had some problems with the character and he needed a time out and I needed time away from him. Banner, my second character, was stabbed in the back by a party member. Most would say this act was justified, but suffice to say his story may or may not be finished. My current character, Cyrus, is a Galliard Silver Fang werewolf who has really meshed well with the party.

Cyrus Lyng, Galliard Silver Fang

Dex, my Call of Cthulhu character, is a former WWI war correspondent working for the Monroe Detective Agency. His sanity has suffered but he has not cracked (yet).

K2 is my Rockerboy/Solo in Cyberpunk: Red, and they’re currently working on handling their newfound fame in addition to the corruption of Night City.

Bryn was a scholar, and while she lived I kept a detailed chronicle of the party’s adventures. Garrett works with his hands but researches how to protect his party and designs arms and armaments that surprise even himself. Banner dealt in creating and dispersing conspiracy theories. Cyrus writes poetry, and K2 writes songs. In fact, between Cyrus and K2, I’ve written close to fifteen original pieces.

These characters have also made their way into my cosplay, and if you take a look at my TikTok you’ll find quite a few videos featuring Garrett.

And as I’ve shared all this work with others, I’ve found that they genuinely like it. Other people actually like my writing!

Anyway, all that to say that I still think about posting here. I hope you still think of me as I think of you.

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