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What have I gotten myself into? Upon returning from my hiatus, I caught up on my reading and stumbled on the Blogging 101 series. Sorry that I missed it, I decided to sign up for Writing 101. After all, what harm could it do to sign up for a course that will challenge my writing? So here I am on Day 1 with my first writing challenge: a twenty minute stream of consciousness followed by the publish button. I worry about people reading articles I’ve spent a week writing, and now you want me to publish an unedited document that I wrote in twenty minutes? Thanks a lot, WordPress.

Summer has officially begun for this teacher, and that means three things (for me):

  • Working on next year’s courses (I’m expanding Geography, again)
  • Making a dent on my “to read” list (find me on Goodreads)
  • Binge-watching TV-on-dvd (right now it’s NCIS)

I’ll also be working on home improvements, picking up some odd jobs here and there, and enjoying some summer cultural opportunities. Last night I caught the free North Carolina Symphony concert at Tryon Palace. The symphony performed Aaron Copland’s “An Outdoor Overture”, Mizeslo’s “Selections from Pinehurst”, and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67. With the exception of extremely annoying children trying to catch fireflies in über-crunchy leaves, I enjoyed it immensely. However, I must admit that I was tempted to break out my crotchety-old-man routine.

Back to that book list, though. I just finished reading The Big Bang Theory and Philosophy and am currently working on The Physics of Superheroes (combining business and pleasure FTW!) and House of Cards. My good friend Amanda Cale has just published her first novel, Riddle, and I’m looking forward to reading that as well (probably in hardback). I also want to read An Onslaught of Spears, but am having a difficult time tracking down an affordable copy (you’ve failed me, EBay, Amazon, and AbeBooks!)

To go along with my reading I have some delicious German coffee, brought to me from Europe by one of my graduating seniors. She also found me some salted caramel chocolate, my second-favorite chocolate in the whole world (my favorite is Kinder Schokolade).

The beginning of summer also means more home cooking. Breakfast will still be a bagel and coffee, but since I will no longer receive school lunches, my wife and I will cook more at home and save the leftovers for other meals. To be fair, we do this when eating out, too. Rarely will we order something we can’t get two (or more) meals out of.

There’s two places I really like to eat at: Buffalo Wild Wings for wings half Thai Curry sauce and half Lemon Pepper rub and 37th Street (a local Italian-American restaurant) for a 10-inch calzone with pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms. This in one of the few times I get mushrooms since Krystal doesn’t like them at all. They also make the most amazing house ranch I’ve ever had, and they sell it by the jar. I don’t think I’ve bought store ranch in two years. The only way it could get better is if they offered bacon, which they don’t.

Well, I just ran out of coffee and my timer hasn’t yet gone off. Curses. I have to go shopping anyway, Smokey needs food. Wait, strike that. I have a bag of Dunkin Dark and half a bag of filters. Salvation! (The German coffee is to be enjoyed only while reading).

My alarm just informed me that my twenty minutes is up. See you tomorrow.

This post is being published as part of Writing 101. Challenge 1: Write stream-of-consciousness for twenty minutes and then publish it. The writing has not been altered for grammar, spelling, or formatting. Only the links and images were added post-production.

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