Lebkuchen by the Fireplace

My good blogger-friend Phil recently commented on Christmas People and Non-Christmas People.

Apparently – according to my family, at least –  I am an NCP.

Rulindil NCP
NCP, not NPC.

They put up the decorations.

I look at said decorations.

They drive through neighborhoods for lights and decorations.

I watch Fireplace for Your Home.

Fireplace DVD

They sing along with 24/7 Christmas radio station.

I sing Christmas carols in German.

And Latin.

And English.

Stille Nacht Antique Music

They watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

I watch A Christmas Story.

And Fireplace for Your Home.

They drink mulled cider and hot chocolate and eat sugar cookies and gingerbread.

I drink mulled cider or hot chocolate or eggnog or coffee.

I eat sugar cookies and gingerbread and – when I can get it – lebkuchen.

lebkuchen bar and bearWith the lights off.

While watching Fireplace for Your Home.

I enjoy Christmas, just in a different way. Don’t judge me.

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