A Sticky Wicket

Spring is in the air, which means that so too are pollen and bees and other nasty allergens.

I’m doing battle with the bees today, given that they’ve begun to dig into our porch railings. The pollen, well, there’s not much I can personally do about that, is there? Seriously, I just washed the car two days ago, and yesterday it was already yellow instead of white; thankfully, we had a good downpour today, which really helped me out this time.

Traditionally, spring has been a time for cleaning; cleaning house, cleaning the attic, cleaning the yard, just cleaning in general. And so, in addition to sorting through several decades of National Geographic bestowed upon me (I should have known something was up when he said there was no place to store them) I’m also trying to spruce up the blog.

We love our blogs; we’re often our number one fans. But that can get in the way of meaningful progress.

Therefore, I need your help.

Take a look around and tell me what could me moved, improved, or removed all together.

I promise not to take it too personally.

I’ve already modified the background; while I liked the word cloud, I felt it distracted my actual content.

Let me know your suggestions in the comments!

I just know there was a Far Side cartoon about a sticky wicket in a wicket factory.

Google, you have failed me!

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