This Rain is Ruining the First Days of Autumn

rain on window screenThe rain comes falls down and the water rises up. It was kind of nice at first: a calm, gentle rain – the kind that beats a calming staccato on tin roofs. One week later, the storm is a bad guest that won’t take the hint. It’s October; it’s supposed to be Autumn. Instead of preparing bonfires, raking leaves, and planning pumpkin carving, we should have built an ark. We should have been able to wander about in the cool fall evenings; instead, the parks are closed and I’ve been sent home early due to flooding. Ah well, a longer weekend to prepare for my classes. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll binge on Netflix while power eating my way through our supply of “emergency snacks” and browsing the internet. I may even tackle that reading pile. If the rain keeps up, it’s entirely possible we won’t have school Monday. Thank goodness Hurricane Joaquin has made a right turn into the Atlantic – just so long as he doesn’t gain strength and circle back ’round with a vengeance.

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