It’s a Christmas Music Miracle!

Peanuts Christmas Carolers

Last Monday I complained about the awful songs that play on seemingly infinite repeat during the Christmas season.

Then, on Christmas Day, I woke up to discover two bands had attempted to rectify that situation.


Radiohead released their intended Spectre theme. Having listened to both Sam Smith’s official theme and Radiohead’s offering, I am of the opinion Radiohead nailed it.

The one person to vote in my Twitter poll agreed with me.

If you haven’t listened to Spectre yet, here it is:

Green Day

Move over, Mariah Carey; Green Day gave us a present that makes “All I Want for Christmas is You” sound like scales played on a toy piano. Feast your ears on this:

At they very least I think we can all agree it’s much better than anything Michael BublĂ© has done. Seriously, this should have dominated the airwaves this Christmas season. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Happy Christmas, Music Lovers!



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