The Book Culling (pt 1B)

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I noticed something about others’ New Year Resolutions.

Rather, I noticed a lack of resolutions in that most of my acquaintances declared they weren’t making resolutions, but taking things day by day and doing what made them happy.

I would argue that this is a kind of resolution, but I digress.

With that in mind, I took a second look at my TBR.

284 books is quite a large number, and most of them ended up there because of some magazine’s Top Reads / Best Books / All [X] Should Read [Y] list.

Why should I waste my time reading things someone else says I should read?

Didn’t I already do that for 17+ years?

I think it’s time to read the books I want to read, and not base it on some arbitrary list.

The Book Culling (pt 1B)

I’m not going to list the books eliminated in this round.

I started with 284 books.

I ended with 188 books.

188 may still be high, and I may never finish the list – especially since I’m certain to continue adding to it – but they’re the books I want to read*.


*Subject to change without notice.

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