I usually don’t promote book releases. This is an exception.

A long-time friend is finally publishing his book:

No Snakes in Iceland

Set in the wild edge of the world in the 10th century, No Snakes in Iceland is the story of Edgar, an English poet adrift in the world of his enemies, the heathen Vikings.

Though far from home and seething with bitter hate, Edgar is recruited by a strange young man to come to a farm in a far-off glacial valley-and kill a ghost. Accompanied only by his confessor Sifrid and an arrogant young monk, Edgar rides to the winter-bound farm and meets hostile fighters, outlaws, berserks, a family torn asunder by a generation of strife, and, always looming, the fearsome mound-dweller that terrorizes the farmstead by night.

No Snakes in Iceland is the story of both one man lost and lonely in the world, and of a world in the grip of supernatural forces it cannot understand.

No Snakes in Iceland

photo credit: Jordan Poss



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