Teaser Tuesday: The Prague Cemetery

Like a spoon stirring in cream and sugar in my coffee cup, the Wheel of Time has turned to Teaser Tuesday.

Just in case you don’t know, Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by A Daily Rhythm. Anyone can play along! All you have to do is grab the book you’re currently reading, open to a random page and share a few sentences from that page. But make sure you don’t share any spoilers!*

*I wish I could take credit for this introduction, but I shamelessly stole it from Heather over at bitsnbooks. To help me make amends, you should go check out her blog.

This week, my current read is The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco. I’ve never read anything by Eco before, although I’ve been meaning to for some time. With his passing this past Friday, I thought it a fitting time as any to begin. Now, many might start with his popular The Name of the Rose, but I’m still feeling sick from Dan Brown’s treatment of Grail lore in The Da Vinci Code.

The Truly Random Number Generator sends us to page 105:

Adultery with old-fashioned gentlemen or with respectable clergymen no longer amuses our duchesses. They never tire of the bizzare, the exotic, the monstrous; they let themselves be wooed by patchouli-scented characters made up like women.

Hmm . . .

Prague Cemetery Cover

In Retrospect

I decided to read all of Dean Koontz’s “Frankenstein” series from the beginning; luckily, I can find or get the first four books through my local library (remember, I won book five last week).

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein – Book One: Prodigal Son

I read this book because it’s the first book of a five-book series, and I won a paperback copy of the fifth book from my local library.

Despite a promising plot, the trope-and-cliche-ridden story is slow and predictable; in short, a 400+ page introduction to the series’ main characters, none of whom undergo any sort of real, fundamental change over the course of the book.

As a stand-alone book, two stars.

15 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: The Prague Cemetery

    1. I agree, the teaser is very random. I started reading the book and immediately thought “What have I gotten myself into? This character is awful!” So I went online and found that Eco wanted the main character to be the most disgustingly vile and utterly irredeemable character in all of literature. Right now, I’d say he’s succeeded in that endeavor.


    1. I’m going to give the second book a try to see if it improves; if not, it’s going on the Abandoned List.

      Good to hear I’m not the only one who was disappointed, especially since most of the reviews I read seemed positive.


    1. I’ll be honest, The Prague Cemetery is extremely historical / philosophical / literary. I don’t mean that to put you or anyone else off, but it’s not really the thing one picks up for light reading. Well, some people might, but not most people in my experience. I’m not sure if all his works are like that, though.


  1. Hm… revolting protagonist, eh? Then it’s definitely not for me! But if you haven’t yet had a go at reading The Name of the Rose, I DO recommend it. I read it a while ago, but I loved it. I have enjoyed the occasional Dean Koonz, but I suspect that like many prolific authors, the quality of his work will vary. In the meantime, here’s something a lot less profound than Eco, but great fun… https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/teaser-tuesday-23rd-february-2016/

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