Monday Morning Grievance: Valentine’s Day 2016

So, you want to know why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day . . .


It’s Monday & I haven’t had my coffee.

My wife and her sister and I were visiting my parents in northeast PA. On Sunday, February 14th, we had -11F temps with -28F wind chill; we decided to leave before things got worse. Well, in truth, we were planning to leave anyway, but the forecast for the states we were traveling through didn’t look good for Monday.We started out, then 1/4 of the way through the trip – Emmitsburg, Maryland – our check engine light came on after stopping for a late breakfast / early lunch at McDonalds. We drove for several more hours, checking it out at an Autozone – or was it Advance? –  somewhere on the Virginia side of DC, added stabilizer to our fuel and coolant to the engine and prayed everything would be OK.

Moments after merging back onto the highway,  we got stuck in traffic due to de-icing measures. Eighty miles of de-icing measures.

When we were just about home – OK, still several hours away but almost there in the grand scheme of things,  I realized the directions were taking us off the beaten path and we ended up taking odd back roads instead of the main highway.

In short – or rather, long – our 9.5 hr trip turned into 12.

On the plus side, our check engine light went off of its own accord the next day.

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