Monday Morning Grievance: Binge

Moderation? Ha ha ha ha . . . no.

It’s Monday & I haven’t had my coffee.

Friday, March 4:

A half-day of school meant I was home by 2 in the afternoon.

Serendipitous, given House of Cards Season 4 dropped on Netflix.

I watched the entire thing in one sitting.

I even put Netflix on my phone so I could watch it while making supper.

I even took it into the bathroom with me.

So. Totally. Worth. It.


Meecham dies 

Frank is shot

Frank gets a liver transplant

Dunbar ends her campaign

Conley’s dark side is revealed

Claire becomes Frank’s running mate

Hammerschmidt puts the pieces together . . . and publishes

America deals with terror at home


Now it’s over, and I’m feeling slightly bad about it.

Only slightly.

Enough to be mildly upset there’s nothing new to watch.

Oh wait! There’s still episodes of Walking Dead and Person of Interest I haven’t seen.

But I really want more House of Cards.


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