Relics from Another Age [Jurassic Results]

Like the coelacanth emerging from the depths, our fearless Wicked Word Wednesday participants brought back the Jurassic in their own unique ways.

Time to announce the winners!

In Third Place: philosophermouseofthehedge

Jurassic. That’s what they were. Why would anyone suggest it was more fun to go outside? Better park that idea.

In Second Place: vivachange77

Looking in the Mirror

Jurassic sounds old
And a little bit fierce.
Don’t mind if I am.

In First Place: Patience

I am jurassic,
prehistoric in my pieces,
my planes and valleys.

Each breath
begs forgiveness
for colliding with the gravity
of your star,
the vapors and particles
that collectively make you,
create you
into something ancient yet new,
familiar yet foreign,
pieces I’ve met
and ones I’ve never seen.

I orbit in your galaxy
of earth-shaking meteors
that will wipe me
from this place
I pretend is home,
and I don’t care
that the end is here.

I don’t care
how I will die
in ash and flame
because for a moment
we were close enough
to feel
the death of before
and the birth of after,
close enough
to reach out
and touch the end.

Congratulations, and don’t forget your nifty badges!

Come back this Wednesday for another Wicked Word

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