Right in Front of Me

A List of Things on my Desk:

3/4 eaten chocolate Easter bunny (crispy riced chocolate)

cat named Smokey

2 thumb drives

1 stapler

a stack of fast food coupons

remotes for the TV and PS3

toenail clippers

1 paperclip

a lemon seed

87 cents in loose change

coffee cup, sans coffee

my cell phone

broken toothpick

used sticky note with “BeFunky” written on it

1 rubber band

NHD pin

Snickers Mini wrappers

3 pencils

2 SD cards

assorted receipts from my pockets

empty TP roll

pepper mill

lint roller

2 coasters




lip balm


tea tin containing writing prompts

candle: “Edgar Allan Poe” from Paddywax

Chlamydia doll


Strike that.


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