Nobody likes being embarrassed.

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It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

OK, maybe certain types of people in certain types of situations like being embarrassed.

I am not that kind of person, and this is not that kind of situation.

I suffered (at least) five embarrassing things this week:

Embarrassment 1: My Crock-Pot catching fire.

Embarrassment 2: Tripping on the sidewalk & face-planting on the cement in front of a junior high student, severely scraping my hands and knees.

Embarrassment 3: Knocking scabs from said injury loose the next day . . . in the bathroom, so that the blood started seeping through my pants and I had to call a secretary from my stall using a cell phone and have her send a male with a box of band-aids into the men’s room.

Embarrassment 4: Washing my pants in the men’s room using cold water and hand soap so that the blood wouldn’t stain, then walking around for the next hour with very damp pant legs.

Thankfully, there was a downpour around that time, so I actually didn’t look that out of place.

Embarrassment 5: As I typed this, an ant bit me in a very uncomfortable location, causing much jocularity in Krystal and painful dancing in me.

What’s annoying you today?