Reacap: Teacher Appreciation Week 2016

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.

Let’s take a look at what happened.Or, more accurately, what I received.

Monday: laptop bag, umbrella with flashlight handle, assorted fruit, and letter of appreciation

Tuesday: lunch at Musashi, a benihana-style restaurant

I had the Hibachi Filet, but only remembered to take a picture halfway through the meal.

Wednesday: favorite candy bar – Kinder!

You might not teach “kinder”garten, but who doesn’t love chocolate!

Thursday: strawberry shortcake at lunch

Friday: “Teacher Survival Kit”

Tootsie Roll – “your efforts keep education rolling”

Band-Aid – “to make things better”

Junior Mints – “help keep your cool”

Life Savers – “‘saver’ the special moments”

Laffy Taffy – “keep your sense of humor”

Tea Bags – “take time to relax”

One fellow teacher game me some Mexican Hot Chocolate brownies – spicy and delicious. From students, I received several doughnuts, two oranges, a granola bar, and money for books. I used the money to purchase Trigger Warnings and Dangerous Creatures. It took me quite some time to make up my mind, as I didn’t know if I wanted to buy two books from the discount area or one more expensive book, which would have been either Folklore of the Discworld or Søren Kierkegaard: Selected Spiritual Writings.

By far, this was the best Teacher Appreciation Week I’ve had.




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