My Wife has an Awesome Job

It’s time once again to brag on Krytsal.

My wife loves her job as an historical interpreter. She adores her outfits, gets along great with her coworkers and boss, and does some amazing things.

She’s acted in the Christmas season Candlelight Tours, served tea on Mother’s Day, represented the Palace off-site, and her blog is promoted by the Palace’s official social media feeds. She even works in the blacksmith. where she’s learning the basics of forging!


Today, though, I have to admit I’m a bit jealous. This evening, Krystal’s working alongside renowned chef Bill Smith, “known for his sumptuous take on Southern comfort food and exceptional food writing — including the New York Times Notable and Food & Wine Best-of-the-Best cookbook “Seasoned in the South” and the bestselling Savor the South title, “Crabs & Oysters.”  Bill Smith is the only James Beard Foundation “America’s Classic Restaurant” chef to have also been named a final-five finalist for Best Chef in the Southeast—and twice. Bill Smith stands out for creating dishes that often become iconic dishes, first served at the Chapel Hill, NC restaurant Crook’s Corner.” Chef Smith has also been featured on NPR for his Atlantic Beach Pie.

From what I understand, Chef Smith will be preparing period-inspired dishes in the period-authentic Palace Kitchen. Krystal will be helping Chef Smith serve and explain the dishes to the guests.

I can’t wait to hear about it when she gets home, and you should follow Krystal’s blog yourself, where she’s sure to write about it.



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