2016 Bonus Round 1: Coke v Pepsi

🎶 Rock and Roller Cola wars, I can’t take it anymore 🎶

Every year I try to give my students a fun question on their final exam. This year, I received permission to receive their answers. Over the next few weeks (i.e. summer “vacation”), I will share their answers with you, for a total of 6 questions.

Round 1: Coke or Pepsi? Defend Your Answer.

Student 1:

I prefer Coke because when I’m hot and want something refreshing I want Coke. My dad used to work for Coke, so I was raised on it.

Student 2:

Pepsi, because

  1. It tastes better.
  2. It was made here in New Bern.
  3. I like the color blue, which is the main color of the logo and cans.
  4. Pepsi products include Mountain Dew.
  5. Mountain Dew comes in several flavors.

Student 3:

Pepsi, because Pepsi was made here in New Bern. Also, I go the the Pepsi Store downtown quite often, and I LOVE Mtn. Dew! Pepsi also offers more drinks that I like.

P.S. The new Kickstarts are amazing! Get the strawberry kiwi.

Student 4:

I prefer Coke because Coke has a much better flavor in my opinion. On a hot summer afternoon I can always go for an ice-cold Coke, especially if I can have peanuts with it. Coke also has the acid that can assist you if you have an upset stomach.

Student 5:

Growing up in New Bern, NC – the founding city of Pepsi – Pepsi is everywhere. Pepsi weighs heavy on my heart. I think it tastes a lot better and it’s products are a better choice.

My Answer

Coke, because Pepsi tastes flat.

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