Conquering a New Frontier

While NASA is recruiting for Mars, I’m doing something a tad bit different.

OK, a lot different. A

lthough, in fairness, I’d totally be up for going to Mars (despite reading/seeing The Martian).

Krystal, less so.

No, dear reader, I’m not conquering space; I am now an official frequent contributor on a podcast!

A few months ago I approached Sectarian Review about doing an episode on American pseudo-history. To my surprise, they invited me to be on the show itself to discuss the topic! Apparently, feedback was positive and I was asked for more ideas and suggestions.

Last week the host contacted me about recording another show with the possibility of more in the future. Yesterday, we recorded the episode (a two-part series regarding an idea called Seven Mountain Dominion, a spiritual ideology/theology that’s become well known in the United States as it relates to Ted Cruz) and discussed future topics and set a flexible recording schedule.

This is happening! w00t!

So, beginning next week, you can hear me discuss more academic things than I write about here on a somewhat regular basis. Huzzah!


Sectarian Review Poster

Sectarian Review is a part of the Christian Humanist Network (discussing philosophy, theology, literature, and other things human beings do well). Check out their Facebook page, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter. And, of course, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your preferred listening device.


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