The Water is Muddy but the Winner is Clear

Once again it’s time to crown Wicked Word Wednesday Winner.

The last Wicked Word was “murky”

mur·kee [\ˈmər-kē\]


very dark or foggy

of a liquid : not clear

not clearly expressed or understood

In Second Place . . .

Pleasant Street

falling in love was the easy part
once inside getting out
took more work than we
could have imagined
doubt oozing around the windows
suspicion coating the walls
trying to read the future
in the dishwater, always murky
foolhardy at our best

And our winner is . . .

Phil, Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Ambushed and held. The murky mud was a trap.No where to hide.
“I saw what you did,” cruelly whispered as steps came closer.
Shrinking back into the shadow was useless.
“Here’s the rag now wipe up that muddy mess. Dinner’s waiting.

Congratulations, and don’t forget your nifty badge!

Come back this Wednesday for another Wicked Word

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