The Perfect Coffee Cup

No, not the perfect cup of coffee –

the perfect cup for coffee.

As a male teacher, I have more than my fair share of coffee cups.

Last year, I even dropped some not-so-subtle hints that, while any Christmas gift was appreciated, totally voluntary, and not expected in any way, if one were so inclined to purchase a gift that one would be best served spending their money on actual coffee rather than a container to put it in.

And yes, I felt just a teensy bit guilty about that, but not when the pound of Dunkin Dark came in.

Coffee and Cinnamon Roll

Anyway, I still have more coffee mugs than I actually use; in fact, I have three:

One large mug at school reading “Anything is Possible with Enough Coffee”

A large red mug at home along with a smaller red mug for when I forget to wash out the large red one.

The problem isn’t with the mug at school, where I use that particular mug for its remarkable capacity.

The problem is with the mugs at home. Or maybe the problem is with my five cup coffee maker. Whatever the source, my coffee cups just aren’t right. One pot of coffee will hold one and a half large mugs of coffee or two and half smaller mugs of coffee. Either way, there’s a shortage of coffee. Sometimes I drink half a cup and then top it off, but then the cream/sugar/coffee ration is messed up. On top of that, I’m disturbing Smokey, who has this way of getting comfy on my lap just when I’m about to get up.

Well, remember when I said I was cleaning out the junk room? I found a gift Krystal received at Christmastime from one of her coworkers: a Starbucks gift set containing a mug and some coffee. Now, I don’t care for their store’s coffee unless I make it at home; the stuff in the store always tastes burnt. Their cold, blended beverages, on the other hand . . .

Back to my story. I decided to keep the Starbucks mug because hey, it’s Starbucks, and I just don’t have that many name-brand things in my house. It makes me feel fancy. So imagine my joy and delight when I found that this particular mug holds enough coffee that one pot of coffee fills the mug twice with just the right amount of wiggle room.

Caffeinated bliss!


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