Then it’s off to the Waffle House and Pancake Mix.

– Chris Bridges

Every year I try to give my students a fun question on their final exam. This year, I received permission to receive their answers. Over the next few weeks (i.e. summer “vacation”), I will share their answers with you, for a total of 6 questions.

Round 5: Pancakes or Waffles? Defend Your Answer.

Naked Pancakes

Student 1:

I like waffles because they are crunchy. Crunchy pancakes are no good.

Student 2:

Pancakes, because they are just more awesomer!

(yes, I did mean to spell “awesome” this way)

Student 3:

Pancakes, because sometimes globs of butter or syrup get caught in the hols of waffles and take a bite where you just get a chunk of butter or syrup is gross.

My Observation: some might like waffles for this exact same reason (minus the gross part, of course).

Student 4:

Waffles, because waffles have built-in syrup holders while syrup on pancakes just runs all over the place and might miss some spots.


Student 5:

Waffles are better because when the butter melts and you put syrup on it the little holes trap it all.

Student 6:

It depends on how each is prepared. The pancakes and waffles that are in the frozen aisle aren’t that good. Homemade pancakes = ♥. Hotel waffles = ♥. Pancake houses are awesome – I don’t know about Waffle Houses. I guess in the end I choose pancakes because there is an awesome pancake house in the mountains and you can buy pancake mix there. It is so good!

Student 7:

Waffles because pancakes are plain and waffles have abs.

Student 8:

Obviously waffles . . . waffles have those little syrup traps (which you obviously put syrup in) that hold that delicious maple sap. Pancakes are just pancakes. Nothing is better than a waffle. OK, never mind – I take that back. Almost nothing is better than a waffle. Well, at least pancakes aren’t.

My Answer:

Waffles. I mix butter and maple syrup and heat it so it all melts together and then fill each square with that goodness. mmm-mmm !

And who could forget this headline:

British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands