2016 Bonus Round 5: Pancakes v Waffles

Then it’s off to the Waffle House and Pancake Mix.

– Chris Bridges

Every year I try to give my students a fun question on their final exam. This year, I received permission to receive their answers. Over the next few weeks (i.e. summer “vacation”), I will share their answers with you, for a total of 6 questions.

Round 5: Pancakes or Waffles? Defend Your Answer.

Naked Pancakes

Student 1:

I like waffles because they are crunchy. Crunchy pancakes are no good.

Student 2:

Pancakes, because they are just more awesomer!

(yes, I did mean to spell “awesome” this way)

Student 3:

Pancakes, because sometimes globs of butter or syrup get caught in the hols of waffles and take a bite where you just get a chunk of butter or syrup is gross.

My Observation: some might like waffles for this exact same reason (minus the gross part, of course).

Student 4:

Waffles, because waffles have built-in syrup holders while syrup on pancakes just runs all over the place and might miss some spots.


Student 5:

Waffles are better because when the butter melts and you put syrup on it the little holes trap it all.

Student 6:

It depends on how each is prepared. The pancakes and waffles that are in the frozen aisle aren’t that good. Homemade pancakes = ♥. Hotel waffles = ♥. Pancake houses are awesome – I don’t know about Waffle Houses. I guess in the end I choose pancakes because there is an awesome pancake house in the mountains and you can buy pancake mix there. It is so good!

Student 7:

Waffles because pancakes are plain and waffles have abs.

Student 8:

Obviously waffles . . . waffles have those little syrup traps (which you obviously put syrup in) that hold that delicious maple sap. Pancakes are just pancakes. Nothing is better than a waffle. OK, never mind – I take that back. Almost nothing is better than a waffle. Well, at least pancakes aren’t.

My Answer:

Waffles. I mix butter and maple syrup and heat it so it all melts together and then fill each square with that goodness. mmm-mmm !

And who could forget this headline:

British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands



4 thoughts on “2016 Bonus Round 5: Pancakes v Waffles

  1. Oh. This is such an American question……. British kids would fail this test. Largely, we never ever eat pancakes or waffles for breakfast, I do not know of any pancake or waffle shops here either. We only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, also known as pancake day, do you have this day? For breakfast, us Brits stick to cereal, or good old toast and marmite or marmalade. At the weekends we might indulge in a full English…. But sweet waffles for breakfast? Eeeeeuurrrgh!

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    1. We have something like Shrove Tuesday; however, most of us just call it Pancake Day. I suppose those that observe Lent know it better as Shrove Tuesday, though, so perhaps my “most” qualifier is wrong.

      That said, most of my students don’t eat breakfast at all, or what they do eat is decidedly non-nutritious. I had one student this past year whose “breakfast” consisted of an energy drink and a packet of crisps. [I think I said that right.]

      But really, I did not know that pancakes or waffles at any time of the day were relatively rare over there. Thanks for sharing!

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