2016 Bonus Round 6: Bagels v Toast

If you shmear it, they will come.

Every year I try to give my students a fun question on their final exam. This year, I received permission to receive their answers. Over the next few weeks (i.e. summer “vacation”), I will share their answers with you, for a total of 6 questions.

And now, for the conclusion of our series.

Round 6: Bagels or Toast? Defend your answer.

bagel toast cartoon

Student 1

Bagels, because they are simply better than toast.

Student 2

Bagels if they’re the main part of the meal; toast if it’s just a side dish.

Student 3

Toast, because bagels are too much like donuts. Have you heard my conspiracy theory about donuts?

Student 4

Bagels, because they are like healthy donuts that you can split in two. Cream cheese tastes great on bagels and simply awful on toast.

Student 5

Bagels, because reasons.

My Opinion

Bagels. They come in a variety of flavors, taste great warmed or not, and are more filling than toast.

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