Update on Monday Morning Grievance: Hair

I’ve had long hair, I’ve had short hair, and I’ve had in between hair… and its all good.
– Morena Baccarin

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It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

Several Mondays ago, I told you about my hair. I thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on.

It has now been at least 3 full months since I last cut my hair. In fact, it might be closer to 4 months. My hair is down past my eyes if I comb it all out, which I rarely do because it’s irritating. Last time I told you that my hair doesn’t grow long, it grows thick and itchy. Apparently I never let it grow long enough. It’s still thick, but it’s no longer as itchy and it feels smoother and not like the scratchy mop it was. I actually like it.

I also found out what my hair is supposed to look like come December:

Eddie Redmayne as Marius in Les Miserables

So imagine that with either a full beard (of which mine is finally starting to fill in the patchy places) or a mustache. Personally, I’m rooting for the beard – the more facial hair I have the better. Clean-shaven me could pass for a high school student.

So, if anything’s annoying me today, it’s the fact that in a couple of weeks I’m going to have to spend more money than usual to have my hair cut. I’ve got to look presentable for teaching, after all.

What’s annoying you today?


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