But Still: A Found Poem (Sonnet)

Who needs scissors and paste when one has an algorithm?

Poetweet will make poetry out of your tweets and offers three poetry types: Sonnet, Rondel, and Indriso.

Today, the sonnet:

But Still
by Jay Eldred

Encountering Poe in Modern Culture
In Transcendental Functions [shame]
Today’s Past is Tomorrow’s Future
My day just won’t be the same.

To Er ist wieder da by Timur Vermes
With a dash of marginalia in mine!
I call them all by their last names:
A wood chipper assembly line?

Duration, so don’t feel pressured!
I am sorry for your loss;
Better than remembered.

Foreign parts are foreign:
Can I help? I can has coauthor?
Missing a book. Let chaos reign.

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