Dragonfly & Fungi

I realize it’s been some time I shared photographs with you. Life gives you twists and turns and you don’t realize just how much has changed until given a few moments for reflection.

You would have thought that the sounds of electric hedge trimmers, the throwing of branches, and the raking of leaves would have discouraged the dragonflies from visiting. Nevertheless, this guy/girl landed on a branch right in front of me as if to say

You’ve been working so hard. Why not take a break for a few minutes? You know . . . get your phone out of your pocket, check your messages . . . and, while you’re at it, take a picture of me? It’ll be relaxing; I promise.

The dragonfly did not lie.

I wrestled with shrubbery in the morning to avoid theĀ  heat of the midday sun, and good thing too: most days we experienced an afternoon shower (bordering on deluge). This caused my grass to grow abnormally fast, but also nourished these fungi, nestled in the hollow of a tree.

Taking a stroll Sunday morning, I was struck by the tiered elegance and graceful structure, knowing it wouldn’t be long before someone of another ilk than mine came along to knock them down.

What’s been catching your eye?


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