Wicked Word Wednesday: Awkward

Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.

– Drew Barrymore

Greetings logophiles and other creative types!

It’s time for Wicked Word Wednesday, and the Wicked Word is:

awk·ward [\ˈȯ-kwərd\]


obsolete: perverse

archaic: unfavorable, adverse

 lacking dexterity or skill (as in the use of hands)

<awkward with a needle and thread>

showing the result of a lack of expertness

<awkward pictures>

lacking ease or grace (as of movement or expression)

<awkward writing>

lacking the right proportions, size, or harmony of parts : ungainly

<an awkward design>

lacking social grace and assurance

<an awkward newcomer>

causing embarrassment <an awkward moment>

not easy to handle or deal with : requiring great skill, ingenuity, or care

<an awkward load> <an awkward diplomatic situation>

What is Wicked Word Wednesday?

You have one week to compose a post based on the Wicked Word.

One entry per person.

BONUS CHALLENGE: 42 words max.

Leave your entry in the comment box below.

A pingback is not sufficient!

IMPORTANT: Please include Twitter handle or pseudonym.

Post your entry on your own blog!

If you decide to participate in this way, please link back to the current event.

Make sure your followers know to come here to vote!

Only “likes” cast here will count towards the weekly winner.

And Thus It Begins:

The Word has been given;

The Week has begun;

The Game is afoot;

On Mark,

Get Set,


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