A Little Seasoning [Limerick]

The prompt for this week’s limerick is ‘Seasons’. Rather than write one limerick spanning four seasons, I wrote four limericks – one for each season. So, if you’ve ever wondered what I thought about the weather at any given time, here you go. Continue reading “A Little Seasoning [Limerick]”

The Quotable Pratchett: A Hat Full of Sky

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away

Continue reading “The Quotable Pratchett: A Hat Full of Sky”

Wicked Word Wednesday: Aflame

My pen is alight and my body aflame. Until both burn down to ash, my love and my hate will remain here in the world.
– Ba Jin

Continue reading “Wicked Word Wednesday: Aflame”

Teaser Tuesday: The Reformation

Like the changing of the seasons, the Wheel of Time has turned ’round to Teaser Tuesday.

Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: The Reformation”

Monday Morning Grievance: Mother Nature Didn’t Get the Memo

One of the things I enjoy is the challenge of Mother Nature.
– Nick Wallenda

Continue reading “Monday Morning Grievance: Mother Nature Didn’t Get the Memo”

Proud as a Peacock [Variegated Winner]

Once again it’s time to crown Wicked Word Wednesday Winner. Continue reading “Proud as a Peacock [Variegated Winner]”

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