Proud as a Peacock [Variegated Winner]

Once again it’s time to crown Wicked Word Wednesday Winner.

The last Wicked Word was “variegated”



having patches, stripes, or marks of different colors

including many different things : full of variety

This week, our winner is

Pleasant Street

George knelt in the grass, glad for the knee pads Patty bought him last year. He listened to Beck on the car radio, letting his mind wander back to 1989 while he planted the annuals. He handled each baby plant gently, the dieffenbachia, the variegated ivy, the golden euonymus, and finally, the red impatiens with variegated foliage. As he placed each one in a hole in the dark dirt, he thought about Patty and how he can never get his hands on her anymore, with her impatience, and her variegated heart.

Congratulations, and don’t forget your nifty badge!

Come back this Wednesday for another Wicked Word

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