Switzerland Makes Everything Better

My students have been paying attention, but perhaps not as keenly as I might hope.


[Overheard in a Computer Class]

Everything is better with the word “Swiss” in front of it. Seriously, think about it: Swiss Cheese, Swiss Chocolate, Swiss Army Knife, Swiss Miss.

Well, maybe not everything. I’m not too sure about Swiss cancer.

So, I guess that means, like, the word “Swiss” makes 99% of things better. That’s got to count for something.


As a teacher, I’m well aware of the need for my student’s privacy.

As such please be aware that

(a) I have permission to share.

(b) I will not divulge names. If you know either me or my students in real life, refrain from guessing who said what. Such comments will be deleted

(c) I do not intend to belittle, malign, or disparage in any way. I am posting with the permission of the student(s).



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