A Figment of Your Imagination

What does “dark” mean to you? Does it conjure up images of a villainous character, horror stories, or a dark mood?

Well, “dark” is the theme of this week’s limerick, and I must say I had a difficult time. At least, more difficult than I anticipated. I had plenty of ideas: telling stories around a campfire, going into a house on a dare, evening jogs in a graveyard, the seemingly endless list of “creatures of the night.” Nothing seemed to work just right, and I’m not too sure if this “works” either, but at lead I made it to the last line; the others fizzled out.

A Figment of Your Imagination

I whisper your name in the air,

I slam the doors and move chairs,

You see me passing by

In the corner of your eye,

Just keep telling yourself “nothing’s there.”

Posted in response to the Mind and Life Matters Limerick Challenge

7 thoughts on “A Figment of Your Imagination

  1. Wait a minute! Didn’t I comment on this? I would’ve sworn I did! Well I declare… I thought I said I loved it or something. I will wait to see if this disappears before my very eyes! You know, just like the ghost of your limerick!


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