Smokey has Played Us for Fools

Smokey hurt himself the other week; given recent events, I’d say he’s better.

You might remember that Smokey hurt himself falling off our kitchen cabinets. As you might suspect from a cat, he’s been using this to his advantage to gain extra food, treats, and even a jerry-rigged construction to make his window-sitting more comfortable.

I made him a Kitty Cavern using the sleeper sofa and extra blankets, for crying out loud.

Then, the other night when we came home, we couldn’t find him. We feared the worst, until we looked up. Yes, up.

You guessed it, there Smokey was, sitting pretty on top of the cabinets.

How’s he going to get down? Krystal asked.

One sure way – give him food. So, out came the cans and d o w n Smokey slid, right down the front of the cabinets on to the countertop and then jumped to the floor . . .

Where he promptly started to lift his back leg and meow in the most pitiful manner.

Tough luck bud, but your game is up. Props for the brazen attempt though, so sure, here’s an extra scoop of Turkey and Tuna Pate.

I think I’m sending mixed signals.

On the other hand, I don’t feel so bad about buying this cat costume on sale and making him wear it for just long enough to get the picture:


The Facebook comments nailed his reaction:

•The look says it all… you better be careful jay when you go to sleep tonight

·Bringing it to the other cat shark soon. Kona will be thrilled! Muwahahaha

›Oh my…good luck

·Exactly! A very shark-like look indeed.

•Ever notice cats always look like you just asked them to help you move next weekend?

•I hope it was also the LAST cat costume !!


Happy Caturday, Everyone!

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