Saturday Coffee

It’s almost noon and I’m just sitting down to my coffee. I’m glad you decided to join me today. What shall we talk about? Well, how about I get us started.

The last week has been hectic, but I think I told you about that on Monday.

Did I tell you about the wedding? There were light sabers and sonic screwdrivers, the ceremony began with a NASA countdown/blastoff and ended with the theme to Jurassic Park (I cried during rehearsal, and the reception featured dragons and ravens.

This week the cross country team discovered that it’s an all-weather sport. I had runners complaining that their $100+ shoes are ruined. They’re not ruined; cross country is an outdoor sport – what did they expect? As long as there’s no lightning, we’re running.

The teacher’s meeting in Myrtle Beach went well. I ended up riding in the 11-passenger van because there was more room, but I forgot that the air is iffy the further back you sit, and I ended up all the way in the back.

The hotel was right on Broadway at the Beach, a nice touristy area for shopping, eating, and walking. Made buying some small gifts for Krystal easy. I got her a Loki key chain and a Castiel/Steve Pop! figure.

The sessions were good. I think we each attended nine sessions over 2.5 days. The memorable ones I went to included the one about helping depressed students and how to encourage critical thinking in the classroom. I already try to encourage thinking, but it was nice to get some new ideas and the assurance that what I am already doing is on the right track.

I entered every drawing at the exhibition, but didn’t win anything. I don’t think any of our teachers won anything this year, despite being moderately successful in the past. Of course, I picked up plenty of pens, as well as a few mouse pads, notebooks, a totes. I also did well at one of the college tables, were I picked up a small notebook and four bookmarks. In talking to the representative, we got to talking about Martin Luther and the Reformation. He gave me a book about Luther, and it’s one that happened to be on my TBR! Huzzah!

I caught up with Twitch. Oh you don’t remember Twitch? You know, my friend from college with Tourette’s? The one whose real name I didn’t know for two years? Anyway, we went to Johnny Rocket’s and had burgers, fries, and shakes. We talked for three hours about history, politics, books, and theology. I know, we talk on Facebook all the time, but it’s better in person, you know?

Of course, the best part of conference is eating out. We had McAllister’s Deli, Olive Garden, and Cracker Barrel. Breakfast was at the hotel. We’d wanted to go to Mellow Mushroom, but we went our separate ways Thursday afternoon and a few of the other teachers went there, so that took it off the group list for the rest of us. Sigh.

While we were there I finished Jordan’s new book about Cicero and started the advance copy of Indelible Ink. I see now that the book is available to the public; I hope some statements in the early chapters were rectified.

I also practiced my ampersand skills.

And now I’m back but not home. Instead, I’m spending the day with Mr. Tom. I’m glad I can use Mom’s computer – I have grades to enter and a week’s worth of blog posts to read and write.

Hey look! I just finished one!

What have you been up to?

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