Saturday Morning Coffee

If we were having coffee this morning, I’d be sure to tell you a few of the good things that happened this week.


A student arrived early to complete missing assignments, and brought me a coffee and bacon/egg/cheese croissant for my trouble.


Someone gave me a bag of assorted bagels and a tub of cream cheese from a local bakery. I’m not sure what flavor the cream cheese was, but it tasted like a yogurt base with walnuts. It tasted sweet and good, whatever it was.

My principal made us teachers chili for lunch. It was both spicy and delicious.


I ate more of Wednesday’s bagels. Breakfast for which I don’t have to pay is a good breakfast.


Another student arrived early to make up work for another teacher. Knowing that I would also be there (because I’m always there), he brought us both large coffees. Truly, our students know us.

I received an urgent email from a student who accidentally threw her retainer in my trashcan. I found the retainer.

It was dress-down day, meaning I got to wear my comfortable clothes: jeans and a Germany hoodie.

As the end of our first quarter, it was also a half day.


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