I don’t have buyer’s remorse because I don’t regret buying anything. However, I do wonder if I bought the right things.

Monday Morning Grievances Logo 1

It’s Monday morning & I haven’t had my coffee.

The long Thanksgiving weekend is over and I and my students are headed back to the classroom for another few weeks before Christmas break.

That’s not my grievance, however.

You see, I’ve been busy wrapping presents and placing them under the tree. Krystal and I have a tradition of putting all our gifts under the tree, both the ones to each other and the ones from us to others. So under our new, yet-to-be-decorated Christmas Fandom Tree are packages wrapped in black paper with gold octopuses. Don’t worry, each octopus wears a Santa hat. My gifts to Krystal are wrapped in white metallic paper with black and gold feathers.

And as I look at the gifts, I hope the recipients enjoy them.

But what if they don’t?


One month until I find out . . .